I read somewhere that as a generation we are growing weary of computer generated recommendations – “If you like that, you will surely love this”. We are rebelling, a little, and looking again for the chance encounter. A conversation. A soundtrack. The dusty old book shop.

One evening I overheard a small crowd of friends chatting about the Island of Anglesey. One of those friends was animated about the Island, so I politely asked her why she loved it so much. She seemed to return home when describing the parts of the Island we should see and search out, but the site that really grabbed my attention was an abandoned brickworks at Porth Wen.

Porth Wen Brickworks doesn’t give itself up easily. There are no paths or signs leading to the site, and on a wet winter’s day you might say it’s quite treacherous. After a long morning of searching, failing on google maps, failing with an actual map, asking around locals, and growing close to giving up, we eventually, somehow, managed to stumble on it, and we made the walk to the site.

It was well worth the challenge – Isolated. Eery. Fascinating. You could almost blink and imagine the workers and industry that happened on this most beautiful ocean inlet.

And so what started as a conversation from a chance encounter resulted in a couple of nights on the Island of Anglesey – Cold, Wet & Windy. Perfect.

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