A mountain road twists and turns – through deep valleys and clouded peaks – before arriving at the foot of Llyn Gwynant. The setting for Alice & Tim’s wedding day.

I took a short walk with Alice & Tim the evening before their wedding day. Alice stood at the side of the lake and said:

This. This is it. This is what it’s all about to us. This place. This sense of freedom. Escape. The meeting of water, hillside and sky. This is why we are bringing all our wedding guests here. To experience something of what makes us feel.

And somewhere between the rain storms and summer, I paused, looked out and quietly whispered ‘Bendigedig’.

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  1. Tim Emmerton - Dude - this is epic such an amazing story and wonderfully captured! Bendigedig!

  2. Martin - Fair play to you Tim. We should take a trip out that way one weekend. Grab a couple of tents, build a fire, drink some beer. That sort of thing.