Being real, being humble, and serving others is the approach I take to wedding photography. I am not there to take-over, direct or orchestrate your day in anyway. I blend into the crowd – a friend, a guest.


Your wedding photographs should be an honest reflection of your day. I have no pre-determined shot list or fashionable tricks. It’s about seeing the opportunities that reveal themselves as they happen and capturing what is real.


Weddings bring with them an incredible amount of event and emotion, but I always try to look for the calm within the storm – the glance in a room of laughter, hands that join together, the kind expressions, and all those subtle moments that say the most.


I am fascinated by the power of cinema to tell a human story. It is one of our most emotive mediums; moving us to see things differently. And so it should be with wedding photography; a moving reel that continually adapts from the first light of day to the very last dance.


The time of year, the environment, and the location all combine to impact on the events and emotions of the day. The play between all these elements is what I call the emotional context. It should not be missed. It is what makes the day unique to you both and your story.


The weather has no effect on great photography. It only makes it more exciting. I love thunder clouds, ice-fields and cliff edges. We can stand out on the edge. I want to get caught up in the atmosphere of the day, letting the story flow, running into the storm, climbing the mountain and chasing the sunset.


I love working with couples who are keen to create something different. By taking the time to spend with another, we can step back from the day and work together to capture those photographs that show the unique connection between you both.


I want your wedding photographs to look as good today as they do in 10, 50 or even 100 years time. To achieve this I try and avoid trends that are here today and gone tomorrow, simply positioning couples in the best light and locations that are marked as much by their simplicity as their drama.


Every wedding is the best opportunity to create something new. Something different. I want to capture that image. That set of images, your story, your day. Nothing pre-determined.

I am inspired by you.

I listen.

I care.


No wedding is photographed like the one before, and never will be again.

It is unique to you.

You are unique.

Your wedding photography should be unique.