Beth & Joe are all in. Roll the dice. Take the risk. It might come good. No. It will come good.

It’s the North of England. July promises nothing, but this couple play the numbers. They’ve learnt about chance through their mutual love of board games. Time spent with each other, brothers, sisters, battling it out, holding your nerve.

The marquee was built. The outdoor belvedere decorated & set. And then, rain. Rain smashing against my windscreen as I drove from the hills of Blackburn to the wedding venue in Preston’s Avenham park.

Roll the dice. Take the risk.

And right on queue the skies broke, the sun shone and you were suddenly transported to a scene more in keeping with Florence and the provinces of Tuscany.

Well done Beth & Joe. It was a risk worth taking and you won. This was your wedding story. Just as you planned it. Just as you imagined it.

Roll the dice. Take the risk.

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