At the point where two roads intertwine you will find the wedding of Yee & David. Theirs was an extraordinary story told through a variety of cultural influences, flavours & sounds, and all set within a great Northern City.

I never had such an easy drive into Manchester. It was 9am on a Sunday morning and I was meeting Yee & David for the first time. We had planned to meet in a small coffee shop adjacent to the Town Hall; the same Town Hall that would host their wedding ceremony. It was a bright day, the sun was up and warm. I felt calm and relaxed, but I was aware that Yee & David had yet to decide on their wedding photographer. Not only that, but David’s family had a strong connection to photography and this was something very important to them.

The coffee was strong. It was good, and meeting Yee & David did nothing to change my relaxed mood. I felt an immediate connection to their calm personalities, but their equal desire to create a wedding story that would reflect the best of their personalities, experiences and travels, and to give their wedding guests a memorable experience.

We quickly switched from talking about camera modes and shooting techniques to where they grew up, where they worked, their travels, and where there home is now. For me, that’s at the heart of it. A short conversation about growing up in a Northern town, an opportunity to teach in Italy, or an adventure in Japan… I’m hooked. It’s at this moment where everything I have photographed before begins to fade from view, and I am thinking about them and them alone.

As the clock struck 11am it was as though the wedding had already begun and we took our time to walk through the city considering the locations and everything that meant something to them. All of this was taken into the wedding story. A story carefully considered by Yee & David, but one that left itself open to freedom and chance, and as Yee said to me before leaving for the wedding ceremony – “What’s the worst that can happen?”


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