A story before the wedding story.

No wedding day sits in isolation. A unique story and event took place long before the first invitation was ever written.

This is the element I am most fascinated by. What light did they see in each other? What sits deep within them? And why are they taking this most important step of all – marriage? It’s the documentary photographer in me that wants to get between the lines of the couple and between the lines of the wedding day. It’s what keeps me fascinated and I am all in.

For Bethany & Laurence their story began in Lytham St Annes and a school that overlooks the sand dunes of the Fylde coast. They both travelled, attended University, and lived abroad but they came back and Laurence proposed to Bethany.

In a few weeks time they will be married and they will celebrate with their family & friends in the same school hall where they once sat their exams. And when the day passes, they will zip up their scarves and jackets, step out their front door, head to the front, and walk the very same sands where their most important story began.

Music: Written on the Sky, Max Richter.

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