Sarah & Richard were married at Beeston Manor, Lancashire, UK.

I have known Sarah since the day she was born. Sarah is family. She is the daughter of my Dad’s niece. The Granddaughter of my Dad’s Sister. I adore this side of the family. They have a pureness of heart, a kindness that transcends all troubles. Richard, Sarah’s groom, was no exception. A gentleman from the moment we shook hands.

I arrived at Sarah’s childhood home on the morning of the wedding. The photographer in me got to work, and then it hit me, a photograph of a special relative was sat on the side unit. A relative that was gone from this earth but never forgotten. The emotion welled up in me like a storm, the photographer was humbled and the images reflect more of what I saw as a guest, a relative that happened to have a camera in his hand.

It was a truly beautiful day. A scene designed to capture everything that is Sarah & Richard’s story. The city, the trees and the open fields are where they walk their dog each morning. A day that truly reflected who they are, the people they love, and all those that loved them back.

A day I was proud to attend and beyond fortunate to capture.

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